That Geezer - Screen repair and replacement for laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, chromebooks and notebooks.

We're Closing Down

After nearly 10 years, 7 full time and 2.5 part time it is time to close. All orders will be honoured, returned or refunded we're not bust. I have a full time job now, a new baby, a 4 year old GIRL! and building webapps it's too much, but...more hurtful than anything is I have let a few customers down and that's just not fair, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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You can email me on any emails from Friday 10th have not been read, please resend.

A few facts...

I started the business after seeing a gap in the market for a dedicated screen repair company for domestic and commercial customers. It all started with a 17'' Toshiba and realising a lot of screens were interchangeable I decided to stock some screens, build a website and advertise on Google Adwords and the response was amazing. I was the only dedicated on-site screen repair company in the UK and covering London, Essex, Kent and Surrey myself and at one point I had Telford, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Liverpool covered by sub-contractors. After realising I could cover the whole of the UK using UPS that was that. Later adding Motherboard, Graphics Chips, Power Sockets and much more I was over run working 18 hours a day and with the prices of repairs dropping I could not afford to keep farming more work out and my time was being pulled in so many directions I had to get back to some sort or normality! Still working 14 hours!

During the time That Geezer has been running it's collected quite a lot of data, here is a breakdown:

  • 555 customers left feedback on the site using their unique link
  • 325 locations that our website was listed for giving great SEO
  • 8697 different laptop and other gadget makes, models and corresponding screen
  • 16,000 email, location, makes, model of their device
  • 574 chargers sold, all drop-shipped and I have ever even seen one
  • 253 replacement screens sold, all drop-shipped
  • 10 countries at least we have shipped to
  • 1761 purchase orders placed with various suppliers
  • 1243 screens replaced across the UK, Ireland and France
  • 253 replacement screens sold, all drop-shipped
  • 18,300 pages listed on Google (it was over 100,000 at our peak!)
  • The Backend Software

    The backend application I wrote driving That Geezer is what allowed me to run the whole business from any device in the world, including Hawaii on my Honeymoon, at St Mellion Golf course on my anniversary, I even took a job in the Bentley on the way to the wedding scheduled for the day after the wedding! I had the dropshiping set up using Pay Pal IPN sending an email to my supplier and one to the customer, I took the money via Pay Pal and my supplier charged me for the screen or charger, so I not only did not see the goods I only see the PayPal account money going up. The application also tracks the order through each stage changing the website with the current information, all of the carrier information was built in to the website it even had a map of where the current jobs were.

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