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Remove Your Laptop Hard Drive

Do I need to remove my hard drive

We will never need to access your data, there is absolutely no reason for us to do so and we certainly do not need your password. There is no exception to this what so ever, but if you feel you want to you can remove your hard drive from your laptop you can, but it's not necessary.

What's the benefit of removing my hard drive

All of your data is stored on the hard disk drive, by removing it your data is 100% safe in your hands, look after the hard drive very carefully, send us your laptop, we will repair the screen and you can replace your hard drive upon its return, safe in the knowledge your data never even left your side. You DO NOT NEED to complete this because we will at no time access any of your data, but the choice is there for you to make.

Do corporate clients need to remove their hard drives

We advise all of our corporate clients to remove their data due to the data protection act and your responsibilities as a holder of public data.